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Biography of Charles Most

Written by: Charles Alexander 

Ever since I read the book “There is a River”, by Edgar Cayce, I felt as though I could make a connection with the other side. Things were somewhat different for me growing up on the streets of Baltimore City. I would always see things that no one else acknowledged the presence. Even two of my teachers in the arts took a special liking to me and tried to explain to me that I would take a different path in life unlike others for I was blessed with a gift. My father was an Ironworker who could never find work in Baltimore so he “boomed out” as the popular was known as. He found work in New York and stayed there during the week leaving me and my brothers to grow up and become street smart. He graced the skyscrapers of Manhattan and I was always amazed how he and his coworkers had no fear of scaling the columns of steel as they ascended to the heavens. Risk and danger were always part of their daily ritual as there was never any safety equipment or protective gear worn. They took their coffee break while sitting on the steel beams and never gave this a second thought regarding their comfort or exhibited any fear. Therefore this sense of adventure walking amongst the clouds in the sky was instilled in my life forever. After my 11th grade year of high school my close friend convinced me to work with him for the summer at Ocean City, Md. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The freedom I had almost made it impossible to go back to the routine life I had at home. I would eventually return the next summer as my desire for the beach life and being next to the ocean burned within me. When I returned home it was apparent that my parents were having difficulties and it ultimately ended my plans to go to college to study structural engineering. My mother told my dad either I go or she would leave my father. So I made the choice for the both of them and headed out on my own again to work at the same trade as my father. My father always said thereafter he wishes she would have left instead.

It wasn’t long before reality set in and the life I so desired at the beach seemed unattainable. For the next nine years I worked hard for my employers and never found any satisfaction with them as I knew I was making it possible for them to enjoy huge profits. It soon became obvious that it was time to take the risk and pursue my own business venture. Things were tough for the first five years, but it eventually turned around in my favor. I was becoming successful winning large contracts as I had no fear for taking risks constructing the larger projects in our city. I never gave up my plans to once again be able to live at the beach. So business was good enough and I bought my first home in Ocean City, Md. This was great for family vacations for the next 10 years as the children grew up. Then the economy changed and I thought it was best to sell the home. We decided it was best we would take vacations at other destinations.

One summer while visiting a relative in Richmond I stopped to help a motorist on the side of the road. We talked and he explained it rained the entire week when he was a place called Emerald Isle in the southern Outer Banks. He thanked me for the assistance and then the thought of this place just kept nagging me. I decided I should vacation there next summer and so we did. Life there was entirely different than that of Ocean City. The lifestyle is so laid back and nothing moves fast. I was easily sucked into this and I knew this was for me. So we came back the next year as well with friends and explored the entire peninsula. I got a call from my insurance agent one day and she explained to me that she was heading out for vacation and if could give her some feedback on the insurance proposal. I asked where she might be vacationing and she explains to me some town called “Duck”. This was in the area known as just The Outer Banks. This would be just north of where we were now vacationing. I decided this sounded appealing and a great place for next year vacation. The first time we stayed there we liked it so much we decided to put an offer in for a tenth ownership allowing us five weeks a year to vacation. It was predicated on a rotating schedule but it sounded like a great and inexpensive way of having ownership back at the beach.

It was long after that I felt the need to look for property to build on anticipating that one day I would retire there. I found a lot that met the budget in a community called “Pirates Cove” I sat on this for three years and we discussed it was time to just buy a beachfront cottage with the proceeds from the sale of the lot. Little did I know that this was the next step that would forever change my life. For this is what led to my encounter with the other side. The lost souls of those that perished on this coastline known as “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”

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